Poseidon’s Trident Stainless Steel Bracelet

You can customize this bracelet with any 3 pearls you desire. This is a great statement piece that you can say YOU created! 

This link bracelet is equipped to hold three 6mm-13 mm pearls. This bracelet can fit any wrist size up to 10" as it can be easily adjusted from the back

Prices are marked for the setting only and does not include a pearl or a reveal.

Visit the Reveal section of the website to purchase a single pearl reveal for $25.

*** If you order a single reveal with a jewelry item that requires a pearl; you will automatically receive 2 reveals for $25 during your scheduled opening.

You may also order 5 reveals at a discounted price.

-Comes with a linen bag for safe keeping

** We also offer loose natural colored jewelry pearls for settings to offer a variety of color options for your jewelry piece.

For more information on how to order and participate in our Live Customized Jewelry Shows, Visit the “How do Live Shows Work” Section at the bottom of the Main page of our website.


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