Aphrodite's Pearls Sterling Silver Necklace - 3 pearl necklace

This Sterling Silver Necklace can be customized as you like. 

Put an Edison Pearl in the center and two pearls on either side. Put 3 Edisons or 3 regular pearls. With 3 pearls it make this necklace 20" long. 

You can add additional pearls to this necklace as well by adding additional bails and pearls to your order. 

Every 2 additional pearls adds 1" of length to the total length of this necklace. 


3 pearls = 20" in length (as seen in photo)

5 pearls = 21" in length

7 Pearls = 22" In length

9 pearls = 23" in length and so on. 

There Is no limit on how many additional pearls and bails that can be added to this piece. *additional pearls and bails are purchased separately. 

To order pearls, visit the Oyster section of the website. There you can either add a LIVE pearl Reveal for $25 or a loose natural colored pearl for your setting. (If you order a single reveal WITH a jewelry item you will automatically receive 2 reveals for $25 during your scheduled opening) You may also order 5 reveals at a discounted price.

For safekeeping, a linen bag is included.

For more information on how to order and participate in our Live Customized Jewelry Shows, visit the "How do Live shows work" section at the bottom of the main page of the website.


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